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It’s About Relationship – Not Religion.

The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association, LLC. is a worldwide fellowship of Christ-Centered Ecclesiae – Churches, Ministries and Missions, active everywhere on Earth – Serving God Right Where They Are. We endeavor to simply and authentically serve the Lord in and through genuine relationship with Him and one another.

We are organized as a Prelature primarily to provide covering, support, communication, and continuity (communion) to those outside the mainstream denominational church, being called to independent ministry both traditional and non-traditional alike.

  • Together, in relationship with Christ, we are a church ~The United New Testament Church~
  • Together, in relationship with one another in Christ, we are an association ~The United New Testament Church, International Ministry Association~
  • Together, in association for one another, and under Christ, we maintain two separate ministries for the support of both the church, and the association:
    1. “Home Office” The United New Testament Church, Int. LLC this is the support organization that keeps the ministry files, ensures the membership is up to date on requirements and serves as administration support for the Church, the Minister and the Ministry Members of UNTCI.
    2. Trinity Evangelical Christian University is our private Seminary available to all members for continued education, professional certificate course training, and degree programs designed to be relevant and foundational for the Lay, the Minister, and the Missionary for where they are called and beyond.

Testimonials from Our Members

There’s no better way to communicate the benefits of UNTCI Membership than to hear directly from our members what it means to be a part of the UNTCI Family

Changed my Life

“My entire ministry life has changed since getting involved with UNTCI. I served as a denominational Pastor for over 20 years, and over time I realized much of what I was teaching simply didn’t agree with Scripture. I decided I couldn’t be dishonest any longer, in accordance with James 3:1. UNTCI welcomed me with open arms, and introduced me to what the true freedom of New Testament ministry is all about. God bless the freeing work of the UNTCI Family.”
~ Willie C., Director: Homeless Shelter in Nevada

Opened Closed Doors

I have served in various ministry positions within my former denomination for over 25 years. Despite having earned a Master of Theology through their seminary, my previous church refused to ordain me, a female, as Pastor. UNTCI welcomed me in and empowered me to follow the calling I know God has on my life. If it weren’t for Dr. Weyant and the entire UNTCI Family, I would not be able to obey God. That’s big.
~ Sandy R., Pastor: Local Fellowship in New York

Protection in Dangerous Places

I live in a country where it is against the law to be a Christian. The penalty can be as severe as death. Thanks to the resources and fellowship of the online UNTCI Community, I am able to safely lead our local fellowship in spirit and truth. Being connected to a greater body of believers is impossible for a fellowship like ours. UNTCI does not oppress us financially, they truly do exist to connect the Body of Christ, and we are living proof.
~ “Daniel”, Pastor: Location Withheld for Safety Reasons

Embracing Non-Traditional Ministry

In our area, you have to be associated with a greater ministry body in order to legally perform things like weddings, etc. In reaching out to local denominational churches for guidance, we got a lot of doors slammed in our faces, to be honest.  See, we’re a biker fellowship. In  the last few years, our fellowship has grown from just a few guys riding and worshiping God together on the weekends to a group of nearly 100 bikers and their families. We need to be able to serve them in weddings and funerals, etc. Because of UNTCI – and ONLY UNTCI – we can legally do what God says we should do. UNTCI didn’t see the tattoos and beards – they saw the heart of Christ in us. It changed everything for our fellowship.  Thank you. 
~ Dave A., Director: Biker Fellowship in North Carolina

8 thoughts on “Welcome to UNTCI

  1. Praise the Lord Dr.Fifer.
    I have send my offering to you Dr.Fifer.
    Thank God, God enable me to send money to you through Giving Center sir.

    In love of Christ,
    Rev.Shalem Raju Manchikala
    Shalem Gospel Ministry, India

  2. Question: I am not of a Baptist background and have a question concerning Baptism. I was “dedicated” as a child by my parents, then as an adult who accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I was Baptized by immersion. What does Baptism have to do with Salvation? If someone accepts Jesus and is not Baptized by immersion are they still saved?

    1. We believe in one Baptism for the forgiveness of Sin.
      I suppose you could say “One and Done.”
      As we come to the Baptism as believers ready to be obedient to Our Lord, we enter in as a statement to the world as to who He is and who we are now in Him, as well as in receiving the promises of Christ that bring us to Life with peace and hope (His).
      We know that it is not required for salvation because of Christ’s declaration to the thief on the cross who came to His defense.
      But, the Baptism is the way into that very declaration that allows you to live the life “abundantly” as Christ gives (John 10:10) now, instead of having to wait for your moment just prior to death.
      The Baptism is that statement of defense of Christ that makes that statement and seals that relationship that brings life out of death, that allows the living instead of dying.

      1. Well hello CJ!
        It is such a joy to connect with you and this joyous website! I so much agree with your undeniable thoughts on Baptism! It is a joyous, as well as life-changing event, giving us a chance for a life-time, as well as an eternal relationship with our Lord God Jesus Christ! As it is written on the home page, being a Christian is not a religion, but is about relationships! A daily relationship with God, in Jesus’s Mighty Name helps us, by loving Him most of all, teaches us to love one another, and this process begins with Baptism! I thank God that I was Baptized, so I can receive the promises of Christ that bring us Life with Peace and hope! There is much spiritual warfare nowadays, and to combat the fear and terror that come from a lack of faith, we must promote Baptism through programs of Discipleship.
        God Bless,
        Pastor Jim & Sister Camille

  3. Hello

    I have been away for a while but glad to be back and in fellowship with the body of Christ in UNTCI.

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