Christmas Message 2022/23

To the Members, Ministers, Ministries, and Friends of UNTCI,

“SEASON’S GREETINGS” with prayers of Hope, Joy, and Peace to you…

As we move from the Advent of Our Lord to the Nativity, and proclaim “Joy!” to the World throughout this Christmas Season, let’s strive together in our shared Faith to bring the message of Christ in Christmas – that is, “Salvation is at hand!” with the joy, hope, and confidence present, and obvious upon our faces, deeds, and our lives, as true believers. Then, let us turn to this new year and seize it for Christ Emmanuel who is the Head of this church, looking for every opportunity to speak of Him, and to work His will within our ministries as well as our lives.

As we commit ourselves to Christ and His service in this Season to come, let’s re-commit to this church, our ministries, and all of Christ’s Children (young and old) whom we are so very blessed to serve.

We move forward into these new Seasons only by your commitment and faithful follow through with gift giving that supports all that we are doing now around the world, and then grows us into future blessing as opportunities are presented.

We go into this new year, shouting “Joy to the World, the Saviour Reigns!” only as far as you will take us. It is my fervent prayer that this church and ministries will break new, and holy ground in ways and in places that will further glorify and serve the Lord as a testimony to our faith and commitment.

Have a truly Blessed and Joyous Christmas!

By His Grace and in His Love,

Rev. Dr. Joseph & Lynette Fifer

(The Prelature)

The United New Testament Church, International

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Dr. Fifer is the Prelate of The United New Testament Church and President of it's ministry association UNTCI. He also serves as Provost and Head Administrator for UNTCI's Seminary Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He is a Pastor of a small country church, author, and teacher. He holds degrees in Theology, Ethics, and Divinity Studies with emphasis in Hermeneutics.

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