It’s All in a Name

Observing an authentic life lived in concert & synergy with the Father, Son & Holy Spirit will speak more to the hearts of those around you than any sermon ever can… or ever has.

Relational intimacy with the Creator of the Universe is what is “new” about the New Testament.

It is The Way through which Jesus impacted the world.

The Old Testament taught us so much about our Heavenly Father’s character through the names He gave Himself in scripture:


Primary Old Testament Names For God:

English Hebrew, definition, times used Text
God Elohim (Mighty Ones) 2606x Genesis 1:1
God El (Might, Power) 245x Genesis 14:18
God Eloah (Mighty One) 57x Nehemiah 9:17
God Elah (Aramaic form) 95x Daniel 2:18
Yahweh (Jehovah), God, LORD YHWH (Yahweh) 6519x Gen 2:4; 15:2; Ex 6:3
Lord YH (Yah) (abbreviated form of Yahweh) 49x Psalm 68:4
Lord Adon (Lord, Ruler) 335x Joshua 3:11
Lord Adonai (Lords, Rulers) 434x Genesis 15:2
I Am That I Am Eheyeh asher Eheyeh 1x Exodus 3:14
I Am Eheyeh 19x Exodus 3:14; throughout Isa 40-55
Most High God El-Elyon (Supreme Might) Genesis 14:18
The God Of Sight El-Roiy Genesis 16:13
Almighty God El-Shaddai (Might of the Powerful Ones) Genesis 17:1
Everlasting God El-Olam Genesis 21:33
Rock Cela (craig) Tzur (rock or strength) Ps 18:2 (used interchangeably)
YHWH of Hosts YHWH-sabaoth (Lord of Armies) 285x 1 Samuel 1:3
YHWH will provide YHWH-jireh: will see or provide Genesis 22:14 
I, YHWH, am your healer. YHWH-rapha: heals Exodus 15:26 
YHWH is my banner YHWH-nissi: our banner or victory Exodus 17:15 
YHWH who sanctifies you YHWH-m’kaddesh: sanctifies Exodus 31:13
YHWH is peace YHWH-shalom: peace Judges 6:24 
YHWH is my shepherd YHWH-raah: my shepherd Psalm 23:1 
YHWH our maker YHWH-hoseenu: creator Psalm 95:6 
YHWH our righteousness YHWH-tsidkenu: righteousness Jeremiah 23:6 
YHWH who is there YHWH-shammah: Present and available when needed Ezekiel 48:35 


Additional OT Names Of God

The Name: [HaShem] (Leviticus 24:16) God Of Abraham, God Of Isaac, And God Of Jacob: (Exodus 3:15)
The Great Mighty Awesome God: (Deuteronomy 10:17) Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Father Of Eternity, Prince Of Peace: (Isaiah 9:6)
Father: (Isaiah 64:8) Holy One: (Habakkuk 1:12)
Holy Spirit: (Psalm 51:11) Spirit Of God: (Genesis 1:2)
The Spirit Of The LORD God: (Isaiah 61:1) The Spirit Of The LORD, The Spirit Of Wisdom And Understanding, The Spirit Of Counsel and Strength, The Spirit Of Knowledge And The Fear Of The LORD: (Isaiah 11:2)
Holy One Of Israel: (Psalm 78:41) Upright One: (Isaiah 26:7)
Light: (Psalm 27:1) Light Of Israel: (Isaiah 10:17)
Light To The Nations: (Isaiah 42:6) Our Dwelling Place: (Psalm 90:1)
Fortress: (Psalm 91:2) Stronghold: (Psalm 18:2)
Tower Of Strength: (Psalm 61:3) Refuge: (Psalm 46:1)
Hiding Place: (Psalm 32:7) Strength: (Psalm 46:1)
Shield: (Psalm 18:30) Rock: (Habakkuk 1:12)
Rock Of My Strength: (Psalm 62:7) Rock Of Israel: (2 Samuel 23:3)
Stone: (Psalm 118:22) Stone of Israel: (Genesis 49:24)
Cornerstone: (Psalm 118:22) My Portion In The Land Of The Living: (Psalm 142:5)
The Portion Of My Inheritance: (Psalm 16:5) My Cup: (Psalm 16:5)
Branch: (Zechariah 6:12) Star: (Numbers 24:17)
Crown and Daidem: (Isaiah 28:5) Potter: (Isaiah 64:8)
Tent Peg, Bow Of Battle: (Zechariah 10:4) Husband: (Isaiah 54:5)
Maker: (Psalm 49:2) Creator: (Ecclesiastes 12:1)
Creator Of Israel: (Isaiah 43:15) Shepherd: (Genesis 49:24)
Shepherd Of Israel: (Psalm 80:1) Messenger Of The Covenant: (Malachi 3:1)
Redeemer: (Psalm 19:14) Redeemer of Israel: (Isaiah 49:7)
Deliverer: (Psalm 144:2) My Lovingkindness: (Psalm 144:2)
Savior: (Isaiah 45:15) The King: (Isaiah 6:5)
King Of Israel: (Zephaniah 3:15) King Of Glory: (Psalm 24:7)
Lord Of All The Earth: (Micah 4:13) Ancient of Days: (Daniel 7:9)
The Most High: (Deuteronomy 32:8) Covenant To The People: (Isaiah 42:6)
Shiloh: (Genesis 49:10) The Angel: (Genesis 48:16)
The Arm Of The Lord: (Isaiah 53:1) Ruler In Israel: (Micah 5:2)
Messiah The Prince: (Daniel 9:25)



What was the only truly new name for God brought to us by Jesus in the New Testament?  

Abba, which literally means  “Daddy”… you can hear little children calling it out to their own Daddies in Israel today.

Not “Father”…


Big difference.

That’s the level of intimacy we are called to when we become believers. We are lovingly and adoringly scooped up into the very lap of God as His child. Teaching formality and distance, I feel very strongly, disrespects the true magnificence of the work of Christ on our behalf.

That the Creator of the Universe – the God of all time beyond our comprehension – would go to such stunning lengths to call us His own children is simply too fantastic to even begin to fully understand… yet He did it.

Stunning, Amazing, Mind-Blowing Love.


One can tell a great deal about the relationship between the King and someone in His throne room by how they approach Him…


Do they a) bow reservedly and sheepishly approach the throne, barely making eye contact?

Or do they b) RUN into the courts with praise, and jump joyfully – smiling and laughing – into the arms of the King?


Only one of these scenarios is the natural reaction of a child.

Lord, help me to always remember which one I am.




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