Knowing Jesus Will Wreck Your Theology

We do not serve a “turn or burn” God. There is one thing that set my heart aflame for God… He met me where I was. Jesus said in John 14 that if we have seen Him, we’ve seen the Father. He also says if we “really KNOW” Him, we know the Father.

Make no mistake – KNOWING Jesus will wreck your whole theology.

Who did He hang out with while He was here on earth? Tax collectors (wow did everyone hate those guys!), murderers, hookers & thieves. He hung out with the people nobody else wanted, and it was the religious leaders He called a “brood of vipers”. They, in turn, called Him a glutton and a drunkard. To say that Jesus came to make a statement about religious snobbery & judgmentalism is an understatement.

He is the same then, now and forever. If your leadership or teaching looks anything like hierarchy or excludes people from access to the Kingdom based on merit or social convention, check yourself – there will be MUCH to answer for. Lord, help me to continually check myself! It’s the humble, non-judgmental heart that Jesus is after to continue His campaign of grace and redemption.

Any loosers, hookers or thieves in the house today? Come sit by me.


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