Resist the Urge…

ALWAYS REJECT the temptation to judge, call people out, and point out flaws. From someone looking at the church from the outside, that is ALL the church is known for: BEING JUDGMENTAL. Jesus’ sacrifice does not merit this low label. In fact, He utterly despised these people when He was on Earth. Don’t be one of those He despises.

There is a time and a place for correction in love, but that is NOT your primary mission from God. For some folks that is ALL THEY DO! You are a not a part of God’s secret Christian assessment committee, called to check on Christians and non-Christians to see if they are living a “holy enough” life (according to you). You are definitely not qualified to discuss faults with people you don’t have a personal relationship with. Correction / education / discipleship outside of relationship is not Biblical.

Newsflash: There is an ongoing inner relationship with the Living God inside each believer that you are simply no qualified to know. (Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord.)

Until you understand that your need to pass judgment on others is more about your own insecurities about YOUR identity in Christ, than it is about THEIRS, you will never be free from this most despised (by Christ Himself) of religious shackles. I release you today from these suffocating chains of self-righteousness and pride, and I speak freedom into your soul in Jesus’ name.

Allow the Holy Spirit to do His job, and you do yours. The Holy Spirit knows how to speak to the hearts of men. He knows how to change man’s desires, how to make crooked areas straight….NOT YOU.

You have been called to love..
You have been called to encourage.
You have been called to set people free.

Do that… be that… live that. It will breathe the desperately needed John 10:10 LIFE into the hearts that surround you (including your own).

Be blessed today… You are precious, and you are loved more deeply than you can ever know.



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