The “I Am Thankful Project” – Day 4 – #UNTCI Member Challenge

Today I am thankful for intimacy with God.

The whole concept is stunning, really.

It’s incredibly difficult to grasp the fact that the Creator of the universe desires to be close to me… wants to be near me… have interpersonal, two-way relationship with me.

But He does.

So much so that He stepped through the boundaries of space and time to demonstrate what loving me truly meant, because mere language is so woefully inadequate.

He wrapped Himself in the flesh of an infant, fully lived a life and then willingly, lovingly, intentionally gave it in my place.

I love the old romantic black and white movies where the heroic suitor would lay his expensive coat down over the puddle in the street so the lovely lady wouldn’t mess up her beautiful shoes. It’s always been a bit of Jesus imagery for me.

I often see Him as laying Himself down for me in that way – shielding me and protecting me from what would surely defile me  - bodily spreading Himself across the muddy gap which I was destined from birth to splash into.

Because of Him, I have been made as white as snow… personal imperfections and all are forgiven. It is He who keeps me from the eternal mud. His intense love for me is chivalrous and protective and intimate and personal.

It’s one thing to understand God’s love on the “all of mankind” scale… but another entirely to live in the reality of His “EACH of mankind” scale.

Today, I am thankful for intimacy with God… mine, and yours.

About the “I Am Thankful Project”

Each day in the month of November I will share something I’m most thankful for… and I challenge you to join me in the comments section and do the same.

Let our voices rise to the heavens together as one to give thanks daily this precious season!  Let us usher in the season of our Lord soon to come in December by permeating the air and sending up the fragrant praises of thanksgiving as one Body!

Please join me and share what you’re thankful for in the comments section!

By His Grace Alone,
Dr. Weyant


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