Crisis Forces Church to Reach Outside the Walls (finally)

UNTCI has been leading this way since 1999…and so it continues!

Since the onset of public safety regulation & recommendations, that have grown more and more restrictive as time goes on and the spread has gone to pandemic proportions around the world, the church has been trying to keep up.

Many who once staunchly refused modern technique and digital format have found themselves scrambling to figure out how to reach their own people while they are forced to stay home.

What they are finding, is what we here at UNTCI have always known; we catch more than we ever intended as we reach beyond the walls! Intending to serve only those that are currently unable to travel and gather at the church in order to stem the COVID-19 spread through our communities, we are inadvertently catching the curious.

Seeing and recognizing the potential, many have started discussions focusing on keeping the momentum by turning these “stop gap” online services into real outreach ministries that can affect those who “join” through the miracle of technology.

UNTCI was established in 1999 and organized to be a majority digital church providing the service and benefit of the denominational church in the freedom claimed through and for our Lord Jesus Christ.

Since most are still on Facebook, this is where the majority of our Live Content and communications take place.

As people may be asking you, “What do I do now?” as they may be seeking a church or even a good sermon or lesson. Point them to UNTCI who has been doing it since we started!

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Dr. Fifer is the Prelate of The United New Testament Church and President of it's ministry association UNTCI. He also serves as Provost and Head Administrator for UNTCI's Seminary Trinity Evangelical Christian University. He is a Pastor of a small country church, author, and teacher. He holds degrees in Theology, Ethics, and Divinity Studies with emphasis in Hermeneutics.

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